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Re: [opensuse] Google Earth Problem
On Wednesday 28 May 2008 08:26:51 am malcolm wrote:
I am using Opensuse 10.3

I have loaded Google Earth 4.2

When I try to run it a window opens with Google Earth and an image of
the Earth.

Then it crashes.,

Run it from a command line - you may see an error message.

kai@xwing:~/downloads> googleearth

Glxgears works average speed 1390 frames in 5 seconds.

Yast Control Centre - Hardware Information - Display - GeForce FX 5200
X11 NVIDIA - Version 4 - has_3d: Yes

Graphics card and monitor
3D acceleration not supported
Sax2 cannot offer activation of the 3d subsystem because your graphics
card / driver doesn't support 3d

What I cannot understand is why Hardware Information and Graphics Car
and Monitor disagree.

I've seen that, too, on 10.3 - it doesn't want to say that 3d is supported but
it is.

I'm using an NVidia driver native and have perfect 3d support, yet YaST tells
me otherwise.

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