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Re: [opensuse] SUSE, VBox and Gamer
  • From: Clayton <smaug42@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 13:40:18 +0200
  • Message-id: <e29967880805280440x4c77536md295b6311b5fb29b@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
What type of games are we talking about?
All the latest "main stream" games that use DirectX 9 or later

All? That is a long list!

As others have mentioned there are gaming solutions in Linux... one is
the huge pile of Linux native games - there are some excellent ones
that do not get much attention in the media.

Another solution is to use Cedega from Transgaming. It doesn't
support all games, but it does a reasonably good stab at it. World of
Warcraft for example works quite well (although not perfectly) in
Cedega (and the upcoming Beta of 6.1 should see at least some
improvements in handling WoW). The very latest releases such as Age
of Conan do not yet work, but people are working on it since there is
a huge demand for them to work.

Wine is also an option (Cedega is a "version" or modification of Wine)
but it tends to be more fiddly to get working... ie you have to read a
bit beforehand.

Anything that requires heavy 3D
accelleration is probably out for virtualization.

Not sure.

If they are the latest games, then they will not work in the current
releases of VirtualBox or VMWare. They require video cards far beyond
what the virtual card in either VM app can currently provide. That
said, there is progress being made towards getting it all working,
but... I wouldn't hold my breath and wait on it. it will take time
for anything usable to hit the marketplace.

Dual boot is also an option, although, from personal experience... if
you default to Windows, Linux will never be booted. It will just take
up space on the hard drives.

There are loads of gaming options... Linux is not all command line and
word processors... so don't give up. I am an avid gamer. I use only
Linux... and I get along just fine with feeding my daily gaming fix

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