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Re: [opensuse] something like skype, but secure?
  • From: Sunny <sloncho@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 5 May 2008 01:31:40 -0500
  • Message-id: <e7eeb230805042331j5864574dle74652afc60f5581@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Sun, May 4, 2008 at 2:47 PM, John Andersen <jsamyth@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I agree with this analogy, it states exactly why we have regulations
anyone from opening your mail or bugging your phone without court
approval in MOST jurisdictions. Society has made assertions of an
expectation, if not a total right, to privacy in legal interactions with
others, be it verbal, or written, or transactions.

Those things that cause people difficulty are due to expectations of
privacy in places that such was never asserted or offered.

Public places, are by definition public, (oddly enough) and video/audio
monitoring are not forbidden. You may hold a conversation in Times Square,
but you would never have the expectation that it was private, even if
you spoke Klingon.

The largest source of confusion and false expectation is the
internet. There is not now, nor has there ever been an expectation
of privacy on this medium.

Right or wrong, this is the situation today, and if you use an
encrypted protocol you _may_ usurp some privacy, but its still
unclear that you have a "right" to it.

I think people become too easily confused with the attempt
to claim privacy in a public network (by what ever means) and the
actual transmission of illegal information.

Yes, they are. And actually, people too easily forget what privacy is lately.

People forget, that the actual problem is: it is wrong that I try to
hide (encrypt) my conversations, when using internet (by default no
expectation of privacy)? It is about right and wrong, and if I have
the right to protect my privacy. And if protecting my privacy is an
evidence that I'm doing something wrong. I can get back to the analogy
I put before - ones' private life with his/her spouse. Is it wrong to
encrypt such a conversations/pictures/talks? Especially as there is no
expectations that your communications over internet are protected? You
know how easy is for some sysadmin somewhere on route to intercept it.
And to post it on youtube, just because it looks interesting.

What I was saying is, that the blanket statement - if you do not have
something to hide, why should you care to encrypt it - is totally
flawed, and when the medium (or environment) does not offer (suggest)
some expectations of privacy, it is perfectly OK to perform some
actions to protect(hide) the conversation. One can even whisper in her
party's ear on Times Square for that purpose alone, and noone should
tell that this is wrong.

Btw, this is very good reading on the topic (the pdf at the bottom of the page):


Svetoslav Milenov (Sunny)

Even the most advanced equipment in the hands of the ignorant is just
a pile of scrap.
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