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Re: [opensuse] Speech-to-Text
  • From: Doug McGarrett <dmcgarrett@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 03 May 2008 21:17:55 -0400
  • Message-id: <200805032117.56022.dmcgarrett@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Saturday 03 May 2008 18:13, Anders Johansson wrote:
On Saturday 03 May 2008 23:59:00 John Andersen wrote:
Admittedly these things are using a vastly reduced vocabulary. But never
the less, training is on the way out.

Doesn't that require that dialects disappear as well?

I can easily find three English/American dialects which *you* couldn't
understand. What chance would your phone have? In Sweden, some dialects
might as well be different languages - the words really are the same, but
they're pronounced so differently from how I would pronounce them, that in
practice there is virtually no similarity. Here in Germany, the difference
between Fränkisch and Hochdeutch makes my life difficult on a daily basis,
I can't even begin to imagine what an algorithm would look like that could
incorporate them both.

Where is Fränkisch spoken? When I was in Germany in the mid 70's, most
Germans of 40 years or younger could speak a "general German" such as was
heard on the radio or TV. This did not seem to be true in Switzerland, altho
the Swiss could understand my "general German." Even some of the older
folks--I met a fellow from the Rheinland whose accent betrayed him, but he
told me that if he spoke the language that he used at home, no-one in
Stuttgart could understand him. But he also told me that his kids were
learning a general German in school, and starting to use it at home.

At any rate, if almost everyone can speak a "general German," then speech
to text should be possible in that language.

Without being as fluent in Italian, it seemed to me when I was there in the
80's, that the same sort of thing was happening.

And I'm told the situation in countries like India is even more extreme

India is a different story: they are actually speaking different languages,
not dialects. I don't remember how many different languages, but the number
100 would not surprise me.

So sure, training might be on the way out, as long as you adhere to some
sort of "standard" way of speaking. But for most of us, I think it will
always be needed



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