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Re: [opensuse] Well, there goes any hope for ReiserFS 4....

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Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2008 2:09 PM
Subject: Re: [opensuse] Well, there goes any hope for ReiserFS 4....

Sloan a écrit :
jdd sur free wrote:

reiser *was* supported by suse.

You misspelled "is supported" - I've done a boatload of 10.3 installs on
reiser, by the book.

last time we had a reiser dev online, it was to state that he won't
now continue.

Novell gives security support on reiser 3, what is probably no work at
all, the file system being so old now :-)

and yes, you can use it, but I don't know what will be the result on
64 bits machine or terabytes hard drive

I have several production machines running 64bit opensuse 10.0 to 10.3, all
using reiser3, all with filesystems well over 1TB, some hardware scsi raid,
some hardware sata raid, many purely software raid on sata. Some raid5, most
raid10, and a few raid0.

Heavy multi user small transaction random access database usage all day every
day and periodic rsyncs of all the data.
They all work fine.

I also have 32 bit and under 1TB reiser3 boxes and they work fine too of course
but the question was about 64bit and/or terabyte. The answer is neither of
those factors are anything to be afraid of.

Brian K. White brian@xxxxxxxxx
filePro BBx Linux SCO FreeBSD #callahans Satriani Filk!

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