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[opensuse] Novell Bugzilla - At it Again - Bugs Apparently Dismissed Without Sufficient Investigation
  • From: "David C. Rankin" <drankinatty@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 04 Apr 2008 01:20:02 -0500
  • Message-id: <47F5C892.4010402@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

How many of you have ever gotten the feeling that some of the developers with Novell bugzilla work harder trying to punt bugs than they do actually trying to understand whether a valid problem exists or not? I have been frustrated a number of times when gone the extra mile to provided a detailed documented bug submission, only to have someone at Novell try to punt the bug when it is apparent that not one iota of investigation has been done sufficient to either rule in or rule out a problem.

What needs to be done to motivate some of the guys over there to get over the "take the easy way out approach?" Marcus, your thoughts?

openSuSE suffers greatly when bugs are allowed to propagate without correction under this philosophy. Valid opportunities are missed that could better the product and help set Novell apart as a leader. We all share a common goal of working to help make openSuSE and the remaining Novell distros the best they can be, the most useful and the most reliable systems out there. It benefits the user base because we all have a better distro and it benefits Novell because it could have the most polished and reliable disto to offer.

But No, sadly, some people just don't want to have to do the hard work to figure out if a valid bug is present when they can arbitrarily close it for some cockemamy reason. The latest classic example:

A software bug is being reported, but since the software log says the error is hardware, they try and close the bug. Notwithstanding the entire bug focuses on the systems response to having the nvidia kernel module loaded, and how it runs fine without the software, the entire bug was closed as invalid because the mcelog says some of the errors are hardware error. And, if mcelog say so, then it's got to be true! Sad, really.

I have worked with some of the best developers you could ever hope to work with on bugs with Novell. However, there is a not so small minority that come across as not even wanting to give you the time of day much less take even a cursory look at the issues to be able to make a reasoned determination. The lack of consistency hurts (and no not me emotionally either ;-)

What have others experienced? Where does this issue need to get raised? I certainly expect that when a bug report is submitted that it is investigated and at least analyzed to the point where your can either, with certainty, rule hardware in or out, rule software in or out and know, based upon that investigation that it isn't a combination of both.

If you know somebody in Novell, then by all means address these issues to them so hopefully we concentrate on fixing bugs and not on dismissing them.

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