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Re: [opensuse] 32bit Linux also limited to 3GB RAM??
  • From: Neil <hok.krat@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2008 19:45:20 +0200
  • Message-id: <fb8374350804011045o479387ek6b2cf197c893952b@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Wed, Mar 26, 2008 at 9:19 PM, Thierry de Coulon <tcoulon@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I recently bought a Thinkpad T60p that was sold with 3GB of RAM. The seller
advertised "free 4GB upgrade", although I did not care much.

When the Laptop arrived, I kept WinXP on it (as I had paid the license...),
and it said 3GB (I know it won't see more anyway with WIn 32bit).

I installed 10.3 in 32bit as well (I have no specific use for 64bit and
various driver issues make me stick to 32bit for the moment). Linux (well,
KDE) also showed 3GB, so I concluded that there had been no "free 4GB
upgrade", period.

Today I tried a modified Mac OS X install disk (uphuck 1.3) just to see, out
of curiosity, what hardware would be identified - and the OS X installer
reported 4GB. So does the Bios, now that I looked at it.

I have not installed OS X, so it may be that part of the memory is allocated
to the GPU (although the T60p has, unfortunately, the ATI FireGL 5250 and I
think it has it's own memory). I'm running the kernel.
Should I change the kernel to use the 4GB? Or switch to 64Bit?

Not that I really need the extra 1GB, it's just a little stupid to have this
memory sitting there unused....

I've read several posts about this problem, but they were unclear, saying it
could be the chipset, the kernel, etc... Is there a clear answer?


I belive the T5500 is a 64 bit CPU. Try the 64 bit kernel, it can
manage well into the terabytes of RAM. It has some known troubles,
like Flash (only a very few sites), but it uses the possibilities of
your processor way better
It could be the chipset doesn't support the memory, but the default 32
bit kernel surely doesn't support it.
The PAE kernel and the bigsmp kernel are just fixes for the memory
problems, and only meant for 32 bit processors. It will work fine on a
64 bit processor, but i't kind of sad not to use the full potential of
your system.


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