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Re: [opensuse] Dead motherboard? Disk ok?
---- "Carlos E. R." <robin.listas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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El 2008-03-31 a las 18:12 -0400, j.e.perry@xxxxxxx escribió:

You will get more help if you post to the list instead of answering in

Right. I forgot the list oddity again. Sorry.

Am I being too sloppy with my terms?

Kind of :-)



It loaded a bunch of modules, then printed "loading via82cxxx" on the
screen and hung for several minutes. I repeated this a couple of times.

Do you remember if you had to do all that when you installed the system?

I don't remember ever having module issues (that's why I tried several times,
watching the screen); I'm sure there were no issues recently. The only
important problems I can recall were the infamous zen troubles.

... If you can copy the exact
error message it gives then I could search the boot scripts to find it,
but I don't think it is there.

What I gave were the only non-ordinary messages. There may be capitalization
mistakes, but, since I don't have the X or gpm clipboards, I don't think I can
do significantly better.

As somebody else said, you could check the bios setup, and disable smart
checking: then the boot process would not be halted.

But I'd still be at the point that there's not a runnable system on the disk,

Heck, I'll try it tonight anyway.


As to the HD, the maker probably has a program to test the device, which
you can download from their web page.

The drive is a Fujitsu, as I recall. I looked at Felix's suggestion, and
downloaded the UBDCD 4.1 iso. That looks like a good thing to try.

Thanks, all. It seems likely that I need a new motherboard. I remember seeing
a thread on recommended motherboards recently; I'll try to find it, and if
anyone has newer recommendations, I'd like to hear them. I'd like to evaluate
them while I'm trying to be sure where my present problems lie.

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