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Re: [opensuse] Re: Is the Suse Linux 10.0 repository gone?

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Subject: [opensuse] Re: Is the Suse Linux 10.0 repository gone?

Brian K. White wrote:

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Subject: Re: [opensuse] Is the Suse Linux 10.0 repository gone?

On Fri, 2008-03-28 at 07:18 -0700, Kai Ponte wrote:
On Friday 28 March 2008 07:13:19 am Johannes Meixner wrote:

a user told me that
lists repositories for version 10.0 but access results
usually "Error 404".

Interesting. Looks like 10.0 and 10.1 are gone from the mirrors I

I still have systems on those two releases. :(

Me too. Large production ones where the users are all interactive login
users, not web services, so they will not be upgraded or migrated
without dire need.
Luckily I have the retail dvd and luckily I made copies and images, so
when I need to install some app I didn't install originally, I can, but
what about all the updates after the dvd was cut?

What's your problem?

Both the distribution and the available updates are still there,
below and all its mirrors, e.g., on And somebody also repaired the link at the Wiki page

In that case, no problem! Awsome. Thanks much.

Every mirror I looked at a few months ago when I was updating my rsync script
for refreshing my own copies of 10.0 - 10.3
I couldn't find a 10.0 anywhere. Yes I knew to look under "suse" instead of
"opensuse", or rather I looked in both just as a matter of course. I found
directories that said 10.0 but had no content or only a few oddball packages or
the original iso's, not the full ftp distribution or the updates to it.
fact, that's still all I see. Wasn't there an ftp repository at one time that
had more and newer packages that didn't appear on the downloadable iso's? And
what about the updates?... ok updates I see. Maybe I just misremembered what
was out there and how it was organized., that can't be the case because I
had install sources in yast that were used to do the install, that were then
broken some time before a few months ago, so there were at least some ftp/http
repositories that existed and then went away.

I guess iso + updates = full current so I guess even so there is nothing really
to complain about.

I'm pulling down the available dvd iso to check a few packages against the
retail dvd, as I thought I saw packages at one point that were available in the
ftp repo and on the 9gig dvd and not in the 4g dvd. (autolog was one)
But now I have to imagine the 9gig was simply 9g because it was two versions of
the 4gig dvd in one, 32 & 64 bit x86, not because it had extra packages.

Brian K. White brian@xxxxxxxxx
filePro BBx Linux SCO FreeBSD #callahans Satriani Filk!

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