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Re: [opensuse] scrathsing old harddisks
  • From: Sam Clemens <clemens.sam1@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 23:45:40 -0400
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Vahe Avedissian wrote:

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On Wednesday 26 March 2008 14:16, Jim Staunton wrote:
> Hans defaber wrote:
> > What is the best (easiest) way to overwrite old harddisks with random
> > garbage ?
> Have a look at shred - 'man shred' will explain how to use it...
> Jim

If you are to toss the drive: Use a 10 mm drill .
Just make a couple of holes thru the whole case and you are done.
Fast, secure and cheep...

I've done that procedure at work where a bank left some workstations to be disposed of.
A nice 10 mm drill, redecorate the case to resemble a swiss cheese.. and presto!
Nothing is getting of THAT drive in a hurry...

I prefer a more traditional approach:

a) drop it in a bucket of water (better yet add some bleach) and leave it there
for a few days
b) after the BBQ roasting is over, grill the drive directly on the charcoal
c) if in a hurry, there's no limit to the usefulness of the good old Smith & Wesson. Good practice opportunity too!

Thermite reaction is simpler.

Pile of rust
add powdered aluminum
heat until the aluminum starts oxidizing (it gets
it's oxygen from the rust, and will vaporize)...
the molten iron will destroy most anything beneath

Do not do this in your metal barbecue grill, unless
you want new holes in it.

The original use of the thermite reaction was to
weld/repair railroad rails.
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