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Re: [opensuse] [Fwd: What is the problem - and with whom?]
  • From: "Peter J. P-N" <nospam@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2008 17:52:18 +0100
  • Message-id: <47E7DC42.9030001@xxxxxxxx>
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Carlos E. R. schrieb:

The Monday 2008-03-24 at 15:27 +0100, Peter J. P-N wrote:

However, what one does get while sticking to the official repositories?
A productive system for a coder? Well not all of us understand c/++ nor
even html and some do not want even to understand it.

I'm no coder and my system is productive ;-)

Well if the official repositories are enough to make your system
'productive' for your profession that's just great. But unfortunately
for my profession, I'm a photographer and media designer, they are not.

So when tried to install those missing programs from those unofficial
repositories one gonna recognize that packman bits gnome-stable or
videolan bits packman. Thus I don't wonder if some folks gets frustrated.

Yes, that's a problem. It has always been a problem for all linux users,
and will probably continue to be so for ages, unfortunately. Legally,
suse/novell can not provide those multimedia packages.

I know this. However mandriva has found a solution for that issue with
their pawerpack. Why not providing software such way also for the
opensuse community? Such a dual channel distribution might prove useful.

Explanations here:

* The software is proprietary software, it does not conform
to the Open Source definition.

Well Novell does provide Adobe Acrobat although it ain't open source.

* The software is providing functionality which is patented
and the patent holder is preventing distribution of the software

Why not buy the license on bulk or on access basis and redistribute it
to the community by charging a fee?

* The software violates laws concerning software distribution in
jurisdictions where Novell conducts business.

I think that nobody expect Novell to provide libdvdcss.

a solution here:

Those solutions depend on unofficial repositories. Please check the
content of e.g. codecs-kde.ymp. So we back to the begin.

I think the problem is because packman not only provides "non-restricted"
versions of the needed multimedia packages, but also upgrades. Maybe they
could make a repo without "upgrades" :-?

and with a 'common' ffmpeg :-?

As to the gnome/kde repos, I don't know why they are necesary for
multimedia. Are they?

Depending on what you define multimedia. I for example need gimp 2.4
thus I need gnome-stable if I want it easy.

Carlos don't get me wrong. I know by now how to help myself but it cost
me IMO way too much time to figure it all out.

Nevertheless, based on my experience with opensuse, I do understand the
frustration of some users new to this distro.

- --
All the best, Peter J. P-N.
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