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Re: [opensuse] Drag n' Drop - KDE
  • From: "Benji Weber" <>
  • Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2008 22:27:39 +0000
  • Message-id: <d6b310ce0803211527u65a15bco929d6e0f298021dc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On 21/03/2008, Kai Ponte <kai@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I don't know if this is a feature, an openSUSE thing, or a KDE thing...

Let's say I have two applications open - Konqeuror and Amarok, for example.

If I click on an item in Konqueror, with the intent to drag it over to
then Amarok loses focus. I then am not able to drag and drop unless both
windows are visible. If either are maximized then I'll lose the focus.

Is there a way to change this behavior in either openSUSE or KDE?

You can disable click-raises-window and use focus-follows-mouse (both
settings in [right click window titlebar] -> configure -> focus. -
However, this is probably quite different behaviour from that which
you are used to (You have to click titlebar to raise window.

Alternatively you can do what I do and add a "keep above" button to
the titlebar of every window. That way when you want to drag something
to one window you click the "keep above" button, then drag from the
other window to your foreground window. To do this [right click window
titlebar] -> configure -> window decorations -> [add a "keep above
others] button.

Or there's the drag via taskbar option.

Benjamin Weber
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