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[opensuse] kicker, gnome-panel through ssh - issues
  • From: Jon Clausen <jon@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2008 09:44:30 +0100
  • Message-id: <20080320084430.GB3994@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Lately I've been toying around with running kicker and/or gnome-panel
through ssh. The basic idea is that it provides a sort of 'desktopless
remote desktop' in the sense that it gives me 'pointy-clicky' access to
menus and GUI applications etc. on the remote host *without* a 'vnc-style'
full desktop.

There are a couple of issues, however, that I need help sorting out.

A is the 'local' host, running KDE
B is the remote host with, let's say, Gnome installed

jon@A:~> ssh -X user@B
user@B:~> gnome-panel &

This results in B's gnome-panel showing up on A's 'screen'. So far so good.

Using the Gnome-menu from the 'B-panel', I can now start GUI-apps.
<alt>+<tab> cycles through both A-apps and B-apps, as expected.


1: When B-panel starts, some of the applets from A-panel move to B-panel.
And when B-panel is shut down, those applets do not return to A-panel. *)

2: The 'B-panel' taskbar shows 'windows' from both the A KDE session, and
the B Gnome session.

Any advice on how to get this stuff to work so that;

A-panel gets to keep all of the 'A applets'.
B-panel exclusively shows 'stuff' running on B.
<alt>+<tab> *still* cycles through all windows, both A's and B's


Another, though minor, issue is that;

B-panel shows up on A's screen in the position that's defined in user@B's
personal settings.

If both A and B panels are set to be at the bottom of the screen, then once
I start up B-panel, *it* gets the bottom-most position, while A-panel is
moved 'upwards' to make room for B-panel.

This is a minor issue for me, since I long ago settled on having 'my' panel
in the top of the screen. And because both KDE and Gnome default to having
the panel at the bottom, normally I don't run into this conflict (since
usually user@B's settings haven't been modified much, if at all, from the

But it would be nice if there was a way to tell B-panel to get the
'opposite' position of A.

Or, alternatively, (in an A=bottom *and* B=bottom placement situation) to
have A stay where it is, and have B positioned 'over' A.

A is usually one of opensuse 10.3, SLED10 or SLED10-SP1
B is anything from SLES9, OES to SLE*10-SP1, but rarely any version of

Any insights appreciated.


*) This isn't *always* true. Seems to vary a bit depending on what
combinations of A-panel and B-panel are in play (kicker vs. gnome-panel) and
the versions of each. I've not yet determined any definitive pattern(s).
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