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Re: [opensuse] Starting a Java application
  • From: Ken Schneider <suse-list3@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 19:21:05 -0400
  • Message-id: <47DEFCE1.8050405@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Anders Johansson pecked at the keyboard and wrote:
Randall R Schulz wrote:
On Monday 17 March 2008 14:45, Anders Johansson wrote:
Stan Goodman wrote:
commandline I am trying to run is copied from the WORKING
installation in OS/2.
I wonder if perhaps it could be that the copy from OS/2 did something
to corrupt it?!
The file command should identify JAR files as "Zip archive data," if they're mostly intact. The "zipinfo this.jar" or "jar t that.jar" commands will list their contents.

Well, no, not really. It's only required that a few bytes at the
beginning of the file are in the right place for "file" to say that it's
a zip file.

file is a useful tool, but it is very frequently wrong

zipinfo and jar similarly will only tell you that the index is in place,
but it says nothing about the integrity of the rest of the file. You
only find that out if you try to unpack it, when zip will say that the
checksum failed

How exactly did you copy it?
Are you perhaps thinking ASCII-mode FTP or the equivalent?

Something along those lines, yes


Would the file maybe need to be converted from EBCDIC to ASCII. Just curious as this often the case in files from an IBM system which is where OS/2 comes from.

Ken Schneider
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