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Re: [opensuse] Re: Xen on production environments
  • From: Jose <jtc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 11:23:15 -0400
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Jack Malone wrote:

mourik jan c heupink <heupink@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 3/13/2008 3:51 AM >>>

No Xen adopters?, is that bad?.

We are running Xen here. Performance is good, though I guess that very much depends on what you want to do in your virtual machines.

We have a double quad core machine, 8 gig ram, and one virtual machine is being used to run statistical analysis on. (stata multicore)

This works _very_ fast.

But I'm sure many other people here have much more interesting stories to tell?

I'm looking at putting in either Xen or vmware enterprise here at work at the moment myself. I will be running 3 OES 2 servers an at least 3 windows 2003 vm servers. I have not played with the Xen that comes in SuSe enterprise 10 yet but have played with the Xen enterprise version an love it. With the enterprise version its the main os for the server ( a modified version of Linux ) an you control an install all vm's from a windows work station. very nice interface. I have a good friend who is a Novell consultant show me the Xen stuff in SuSe enterprise 10 this past weekend an it was pretty nice looking. I'm hoping to go with Xen here an save the company lots of money, but its not up to me to make the whole decision.
Just my thoughts on Xen for what its worth.
We played with XEN, but found it difficult to operate, one of the major problems we had is that when we create a new machine, allows us to point to the source of installation (DVD/CD no virtual) for the first time, but if had a problem during install due to compatibility problems, when we would try to restart the virtual engine again, it would try to boot to disk and the CD/DVD declaration would be gone, don't know if this is the normal behavior for XEN, but we end up using vmware for Linux, more flexible and allows us to play with the virtual hardware way easier than XEN tools,

Just my take, may be different for some other people.

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