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Re: [opensuse] reiserfs - No space left on device
  • From: "Ciro Iriarte" <cyruspy@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 09:31:08 -0400
  • Message-id: <a998a0140803120631i58ae81a7va1c2f88f1ba82293@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
2008/3/12, Dave Howorth <dhoworth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Carlos E. R. wrote:
> Did you update the kernel and reboot, yet?

No, I'd still like to find a list of changes that suggests there was a
known reiser problem that has been fixed in the current kernel. Ciro's
problem sounds very much like Maciej Pilichowski's problem to my
untrained brain, but Ciro says his problem has gone away whilst Maciej's
is still open.

And I still don't know why YaST updater is broken. I don't like changing
things - especially something as fundamental as the kernel - when there
are unexplained faults.

Also ...

> What was the result of the reiserfsck after the reboot?

The original reiserfsck is still running! It hasn't found any errors
yet. But it seems a good idea to let it finish to eliminate filesystem
corruption as the problem. I still have no specific evidence that
changing the kernel will actually fix my problem. There's one piece of
circumstantial evidence that suggests it will (Ciro) and one that
suggests it won't (Maciej) but no documentary evidence or feedback from

Cheers, Dave

This are the reiserfs references I found on the changelog:

* Fri Nov 02 2007 - jeffm@xxxxxxx
- patches.suse/reiserfs-make-per-inode-xattr-locking-more-fine-grained.diff:
reiserfs: fixed a bad unlock in reiserfs_xattr_get() (336669).
* Tue Oct 30 2007 - jeffm@xxxxxxx
- patches.suse/reiserfs-use-reiserfs_error.diff: Finished sync up
with HEAD.
* Mon Oct 29 2007 - jeffm@xxxxxxx
- patches.suse/reiserfs-fix-large-fs.diff: Context fixes.
- patches.suse/reiserfs-use-reiserfs_error.diff: Context fixes.
* Mon Oct 29 2007 - jeffm@xxxxxxx
- patches.suse/reiserfs-remove-first-zero-hint.diff: Updated to
version in HEAD. Was missing memset chunk. <--- Apparently what Jeff
related to my problem
* Wed Oct 24 2007 - jeffm@xxxxxxx
- patches.suse/reiserfs-remove-first-zero-hint.diff: reiserfs:
remove first_zero_hint (331814). <--- Apparently what Jeff related
to my problem

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