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Re: [opensuse] reiserfs - No space left on device
  • From: "Ciro Iriarte" <cyruspy@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 00:00:07 -0400
  • Message-id: <a998a0140803112100s46ad5c50ye23be5465a84f1f4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
2008/3/11, Dave Howorth <dhoworth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
I wrote:
> I just started getting this message "No space left on device" although
> df indicates there is about 40 GB free on the device. It's a reiser file
> system on a Suse 10.3 system (the file system was originally created
> under 9.2 if that matters). Does anybody know what this means?

I see there was a thread in October started by Ciro Iriarte with a
similar question
<> and that had
Jeff Mahoney posting a patched kernel

So that leads me to some more questions :)

(1) Am I seeing the same problem? (how do I know? - reiserfstune o/p is
below if it is relevant)

(2) Did Jeff's kernel fix the problem?

(3) If so, presumably the current kernel now also fixes it? (I have and YaST says is available)

(4) Am I going to regret updating to for any other reason?

(5) I remember some recent posts about how to keep the previous kernel
when updating but can't immediately find it. Can anybody point me to a

Thanks, Dave

# reiserfstune /dev/mapper/storage-data
reiserfstune: Journal device has not been specified. Assuming journal is
on the main device (/dev/mapper/storage-data).

Current parameters:

Filesystem state: consistent

Reiserfs super block in block 16 on 0xfd01 of format 3.6 with standard
Count of blocks on the device: 288358400
Number of bitmaps: 8800
Blocksize: 4096
Free blocks (count of blocks - used [journal, bitmaps, data, reserved]
blocks): 10415433
Root block: 85599415
Filesystem is clean
Tree height: 6
Hash function used to sort names: "r5"
Objectid map size 4, max 972
Journal parameters:
Device [0x0]
Magic [0x45a9e338]
Size 8193 blocks (including 1 for journal header) (first block 18)
Max transaction length 1024 blocks
Max batch size 900 blocks
Max commit age 30
Blocks reserved by journal: 0
Fs state field: 0x0:
sb_version: 2
inode generation number: 173805158
UUID: 82287e36-4584-4b13-8a81-fef184d077df
Set flags in SB:

Hi.... I did a major reorganization of my data, so can't reproduce the
same test case, but if i'm not wrong, the problem was mainly that I
couldn't fill a FS to 100%, the problem appeared having 500MB free
in some filesystems and not being able to exhaust them...

Now i'm running latest kernel update and can fill completely my /home
as a normal user using dd, so that means my particular issue was


PS: Was that 5 months ago already?!
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