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Re: [opensuse] FTP net install howto
  • From: Mark Misulich <munguanaweza@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2008 16:07:38 -0400
  • Message-id: <47D6E68A.1090106@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Bjørn Lie wrote:
tir, 11.03.2008 kl. 12.42 -0400, skrev Mark Misulich:
Bjørn Lie wrote:
man, 10.03.2008 kl. 20.29 -0400, skrev Mark Misulich:

Hi Bjorn,
thanks for your input. I have to say that I really don't know how to respond to your comments other than to say that it worked. If you can tell me why it shouldn't work perhaps I can edit the howto, but these are the steps that I took. Please explain your comments further.


The steps you have outlined are not wrong themselves, they are perfectly
valid in case the dns doesn't work and one has to put in the ip address

Now the reason for your install to have worked using that is the
serverip I can only guess, I suspect the suse installer defaulted to
using by itself.

What I pointet out is that most of the time it's not needed as it should
be put in automagically, but it's possible I remember wrong.

the right ip address if the mirror you used is is NOT a valid public ip. Read about it here
or google the ip if you want (or better yet, put in that address in your
firefox or whatever browser you prefer)

try using ping and see if you do not get a
different result than you did using dig


Hi Bjorn,
thanks for correcting my mistake, I have edited the howto to show the text address entry for the mirror I used. That will make it easier to use anyways. I also made a howto for the http install with screenshots. They can be found here for your review:

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