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Re: [opensuse] Starting yast without repository check?
  • From: Mike Coan <mikecoan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2008 15:29:26 -0400
  • Message-id: <200803111529.26166.mikecoan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Tuesday 11 March 2008 10:37:07 am Sunny wrote:

Jim, my next rambling has nothing to do with your post - I respect
your help. It's just a good starting point for my general objection
against the way YaST software management works :)

So, while the functionality exists, it is next to useless. If you
disable the auto-refresh on all the repositories, there is no easy way
to invoke manual refresh on all ( like it is done in smart). If you
want just to see what's installed, and to delete something - it is ok.
But if you want to check and upgrade if newer versions are available,
you have to:
1. Go to Repositories
2. Manually select one by one each repo, and update
3. Close the Repositories module
4. Start the software management module to mark the upgrades and install.

This is sooo inconvenient.

Agreed. but there is a simple way to refresh all the repositories manually.
From the command line, as root, type

zypper refresh

I have all the repositories, except for the update one, unchecked for refresh.
I use cron entries to run zypper refresh before I get to work, at lunch, and
towards the end of the day. That way I can just use Software management to
delete, install, upgrade rpms without the long delay of refreshing

That's why I keep using smart as my package manager, I add all the
repositories, and then I can update only by a click of a button.

I still can not find any reason why to use YaST - is there any
additional benefit, which I'm not aware of?

I have used SMART in the past, but not extensively. I found it confusing and
did screw up an installation using Smart (no doubt due to my error). I
haven't yet done that with Yast. I use YAST because I am familiar with it and
it does what I want.


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