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Re: [opensuse] Online Repositories have become quite unreliable
  • From: Ben Kevan <ben.kevan@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2008 19:58:21 -0800
  • Message-id: <200803071958.21925.ben.kevan@xxxxxxxxx>
On Friday 07 March 2008 07:50:04 pm Joe Sloan wrote:
Ben Kevan wrote:
I must say the openSUSE repositories ( have become
quite unreliable for me lately. Like tonight, I am trying to setup a new
machine and whlep... guess what? Repositories are down. They were down a
few days ago and not to mention the major hardware failure in janurary.
Some will say "What do you expect, it's free". My response to that is, I
am one of the many that have actually paid for the openSUSE versions,
since I do support the project and support novell as a company.

I also have several licesnse of SLED and am pushing SLES in our
enterprise (currently RHEL).

LOL keep pushing - we used to be a redhat shop, all sles now.

One small example: on our formerly redhat powered dns servers, which
serve about 1000 domains, the named process would crash at random
intervals. each dns server would crash several times a week, with
something in the logs about "failed assertion at line xxx..." It was
apparently a known problem with redhat on smp. It was so bad, we had a
cron job running on all dns servers, to check every 3 minutes whether
dns was still up, and restart it as needed.

After we switched to suse, I realized some months later that we had
never added the cron job to babysit named. It's been a few years now,
and not one of the dns servers has ever even hicupped running sles.

That's one example, there are other things I could tell you, but long
story short, we found that sles was just a lot more solid.


Well that's good to know. I am actually a newer "acting Jr Linux Admin". My
company is pretty new into the linux world and the senior admin they hired is
a RHCE so obviously he pushed RHEL. My role is a VMWare / Sr Windows /
Storage administrator and they recently realize.. I know what I am doing when
it comes to the Linux stuff, so they are leveraging me.

I hope I can start getting more SLES in (Price would be a huge drive if it
were lower) otherwise.. it'd be my word vs's the other admins. I am
comfortable with both but am much more versed in zypper (we use rhel 4 which
uses up2date). We actually run most servers with TWM (depending on the need).

Our DNS etc run on Unix server (for now) .. hope that heads our way. :o)
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