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Re: [opensuse] Linux on Dell preloads
  • From: Peter Bradley <P.Bradley@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2007 21:48:40 +0000
  • Message-id: <45EDE1B8.6010902@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Ysgrifennodd Randall R Schulz:
Well, BIOS configuration doesn't involve internal surgery, you know. It's just more of that magical keyboard incantation stuff that programmer geeks do so well...
Hell no! I might be tempted to write the program that allows you to make the incantations, but do it myself? Way too scary.

So I take it you didn't build this system yourself? Replacing RAM is not that big of a deal, but if you want to take advantage of the manufacturer's warranty, then I guess it doesn't really matter.

Er, no. I didn't build it myself. I could have asked one of those nice guys in User Support if they'd mind doing it for me, but I didn't.
And James' point that the problem may be on the mainboard is a possibility, though it's an outside one, given how few addresses exhibited problems. Mainboard problems are likely to affect broad swathes of addresses based on the failure of particular address line or lines. Data-line failures would probably affect all addresses, But in either of those cases the machine probably wouldn't even pass its power-on self-test (POST).
I'm much relieved to hear that Randall. I think the obvious course is to see if I can find my receipts and stuff and then to see if I can persuade the vendors to swap the memory without hosing my entire system. You put *what* on it??? Linux????

Failing that, my son has lots of qualifications for digging around in the guts of computers. I might just buy the memory myself and offer to buy him a paternal pint if he fits it for me. It's not as if memory costs a lot these days.

Watch this space.

And many thanks for your help, Randall, and the rest of the list. It is appreciated.


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