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Re: [opensuse] 10.2 is turning into a nightmare
  • From: Russell Jones <russell.jones@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 10:18:59 +0000
  • Message-id: <45D19093.3070302@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Anders Johansson wrote:
On Monday 12 February 2007 19:48, Bryan Tyson wrote:
On Sun, 2007-02-11 at 19:13 -0800, J Sloan wrote:
all systems here are running better than any
previous release of linux I've tried.
I think it runs just fine. I have no complaints about how it runs. My
objection is that to install one measly package takes so long I have to
go away and do something else while it scans the repositories. How do
you set it up so that packages can be installed in a normal length of
time? And why does it not come that way by default?

It does. By default there are no repositories. If you add more, it will take longer to scan them all

If you are sure your repos don't change, you can set them to "refresh no" in the config, but odds are if you do that, the online repos will change from under you

Use only the minimal number of online repositories, to optimise the package manager for speed
That's all very well, but Debian's apt, for example, is many times faster on a slower machine with less memory. I run Debian 3.1 on a 400MHz with 384MB and a small, fast hard disk and SuSE 10.2 on a 1GHz machine with 512MB and a large, fast hard disk. Both low-spec machines, I know, but we're looking at relative speed here. The SuSE package management system is far slower to load, even if I include a package list refresh on apt (subjectively: if I remember, I'll time it this evening) and eats far more CPU time when starting up.

Russell Jones
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