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[opensuse] SuSE 10.2 I gave up too!
  • From: Teruel de Campo MD <chusty@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2007 08:40:13 -0700
  • Message-id: <1170344413.10234.38.camel@xxxxxxxxxx>
This note may help users trying to install SuSE 10.2.
This new version of SuSE is very stable, fast, the pack manger works
very well, mythtv install with few clicks and works very well. I found
almost all positive but because I could not have the dvd burner working
with growisofs / wodim /k3b I had to go back to SuSE 10.1.

I spent almost a month trying to work on different problems and most
solved. Since SuSE 9.0 64 I have never spent so much time to install
SuSE. Most could have been solved with a small note in the SuSE 10.2
release notes.

MSI K8N Neon4
amd fx-55 (64)
ide1: Sony ait tape drive as master. Nothing as slave
ide2: cd/dvd player as master, cd/dvd +rw as slave
sata1: WD raptor
sata2: WD raptor
sata3: WD raptor
sata4: samsung
(I do not use raid)
haupaugge winTV-pvr 350
ATI Radeon X800 XL 256M
So I do not have IDE hard disks and all my cd/dvd's are pata

1. Problem 1: unresolved. cd/dvd burning. The cd burns OK. DVD can not
copy or burn anything. Changing the module to pata instead of the
(amd74xx I believe) allow to burn but the booting produce errors trying
to load ata, finally after 5 attempts went through. I tried everything
new version, permissions, removing wodim and installing cdrecord etc
etc. No luck. Only using the pata module I was able to burn (not all the
time) dvds.
This all may be related to my system with a mixture of dvd ide and HD
Without dvd burning I could not use this distro.

2. Black screen during the initial installation after the first reboot.
The only solution I found that works is to select (F3) the resolution
supported in my case 1600 x 1200 and install. I am sure this is related
to the ati graphic card. But using this trick works well all the time. I
have done zillion of installations trying to have this system working so
I know by experience :-)

3. I use vmware to run palm desktop for my treo. Because some business
program that I can not run under linux or crossover the only way is to
load vmware. This was working great in 10.1 but not in 10.2. The usb is
caput. After many moon I find out that usbfs has been disable in the
kernel for security reason. The solution (AFTER you know it!) is simple
just enable usbfs in the kernel and compile it and then works great.

4. I use Evolution as mail client. I also use OO. OO from novell in 10.1
had filter that allow many mail clients including Evolution to link the
address books as data source so I could use for letters, envelopes all
the data from Evolution. This has been removed from 10.2 and I have not
found a way to do it. Of course I can export Evolution to kaddress and
then use it under OO but I miss the "live link" so if I add another
contact in Evolution I will not see it in OO without exporting to
kaddress. What a pain.
Evolution does not have an export facility except for Vcards. However
there is a hiding program that will do the job:

/opt/gnome/lib64/evolution/2.8/evolution-addressbook-export --format=csv
> mail_address_book.csv

5. Evolution does not remember the passwords under KDE. This is related
to the gnome keyring. Someone post it a fix I believe in this forum. If
you do not find it write me and I will post it.

6. If you use mythtv there is a couple of points that may be a little
confusing. ivtv is loaded as kernel module if I remember correctly
ivtv-pm. Also there is another module to be install called ivtv. This is
an rpm for the ivtv tools that are not necessary but important to
install it. The mythtv rpm are self explanatory. Remember if you change
the kernel you may have to remove the ivtv-pm kernel module and build a
module from source for the new kernel (2.6.19).

Well I envy all of you that are running 10.2. Hope there is a solution
for the dvd in the future and I can joint you. In the meantime I am back
to my old friend SuSE 10.1.



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