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[opensuse] running mkinitrd on a dead system
  • From: "John Brown" <mrjohnbrown@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 01:00:38 -0800
  • Message-id: <1170234038.25593.1172134819@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hello SUSE users,

I encrypted my laptop's hard disc using instructions from
Encrypted_Root_File_System_with_SUSE_HOWTO. (To be short, I now have
encrypted filesystems, and also a custom initrd image, which asks me for
before every boot. I created the initrd image using a pached mkinitrd

In my infinite stupidity, I decided that I need another kernel. I
downloaded kenel's rpm
version, and it promptly overwrited my custom initrd image. Now, when I
boot my laptop,
I am greeted with a message that my encrypted (cryptsetup-LUKS)
filesystem is
unknown, and can't be mounted.

I tried to boot from CD using Knoppix, and execute mkinitrd from it, but
it failed as it can't
find /etc/sysconfig/kernel (It's obvious that Knoppix does not have this
folder). I can
mount my encrypted filesystems from Knoppix, so the question now is
which command
line parameters should I give mkinitrd so that it correctly creates
initrd - finds my kernel
and copies it to my boot (unencrypted) partition

I would really appreciate any ideas or suggestions!

Best regards,
John Brown

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