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Re: [opensuse] a user call for attention on SuSE's mp3 support issue
  • From: Juergen Weigert <jw@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 14:11:51 +0100
  • Message-id: <20070130131151.GW3269@xxxxxxx>
On Jan 30, 07 00:12:48 -0900, John Andersen wrote:
> Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the loss involved in mp3
> format was suffered in the encoding. Playback is 100% faithful to the
> encoded file (not the original), and nothing more is lost in playback.

Yes, decoding (i.e. mp3 to wav) comes at no additional loss.
(Unless the decoder sucks.)

> Now for encoding the wav into ogg, sox might not be the best choice
> because the maximum bitrate it can muster is 128, but there are
> other encoders, and perhaps 128 is enough or "not so great"
> audio files that Robert mentions.

Re-encoding into ogg has additional loss.
Not only due to a limited bitrate, but due to several other factors too.
(You may try oggenc from package vorbis-tools, if sox sucks.)

One could minimize the reencoding loss by throwing extra bitrate at it.
If the file was 90kbps mp3 and you reencode it as 160kbps ogg it may sound
as almost as good as the original mp3. But it is now much bigger in size.

> The question then becomes one of how much fidelity will you lose in
> the encoding to ogg. If some Ogg encoders offer a near perfect encoding setting,

The most perfect setting can not help with a .wav that was previusly an .mp3 --
best is to encode ogg directly from the original CD.
Then you should end up with an ogg file that is even slightly smaller than
your mp3 -- where both bring sufficient quality to your ears.

And yes, we need a much easier mp3-solution for SUSE Linux, than we have now.
Crippleware is not the way to go. Crippleware may satisfy some lawyers, but
always annoys our users.


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