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Re: [opensuse] Announcing LHCP - Linux Hardware Compatibility Project
  • From: John Andersen <jsa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 11:53:22 -0900
  • Message-id: <200701291153.28516.jsa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Monday 29 January 2007, Phil Knirsch wrote:
> Hello everyone.
> We've recently started working on a project called Linux Hardware
> Compatibility
> Project or in short LHCP. Goals are:
> * Provide a list of working hardware for people wanting to buy a new
> computer
> * Provide an idea on what hardware our/your distribution in run on
> * Provide a list of hardware we need to improve support for
> * Provide an interface to all above that allows simple and complicated
> queries
> * Get the user a list of thing that should work and a way to test that
> * Tell the user how good his hardware is supported
> There have been several Hardware Compatibility lists from vendors and
> other projects in the past, but most of them were limited in one
> aspect or another - so we start our own.
> To achive this we are building a modular framework to generate, collect,
> submit
> and analyze information about all components of systems running Linux
> and how well each component works.
> The project is currently in it's infancy, but following the typical
> pragmatic
> approach of open source projects ("Release early, release often!") we've
> decided to already officially announce it.
> Current status is that the basic GUI application for testing is up and
> running
> with some test modules. We're now in the process of writing the first real
> data collection and test modules and are currently starting to design the
> server end of the side.
> The home page of the project can be found here:
> If you want to take a look at the current source code you can checked it out
> using Mercurial in read only mode like this:
> hg clone
> For development discussions a mailing list has been set up here:
> Although the project is hosted under Fedora we're aiming it to be very
> distribution independant, so supporting other distributions should be
> easy to
> do. We have some basic requirements on what is needed on the system for
> it to
> simply work, but a lot of things will be optional.
> Happy hacking,
> Read ya, Phil & Fabi

This sounds interesting. I wonder if more momentum might be gained
by working with all those other collections in your links section to
provide bi-directional cross-pollination of this information so that
a report (good or bad) posted anywhere will be a) checked for
duplication, b) propagated to all concerned.

John Andersen
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