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Re: [opensuse] a user call for attention on SuSE's mp3 support issue
  • From: charles@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2007 11:18:31 -0800
  • Message-id: <200701281918.l0SJIWrD069551@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
M. Fioretti writes:
On Sun, Jan 28, 2007 10:35:51 AM -0800, charles@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(charles@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
I'm not questioning the rights of creators to get paid for what they
do, my big problem is the way this has come about

Same here.
I might just have to try that other format someone mentioned

*If* by this you mean ripping all the CDs you purchased to OGG format
instead of MP3, remember that this doesn't solve anything legally.
If you did that and the police or the recording industry found out, of
course you or your Linux distributor would not be sued for using a
codec against its license. But _you_ would still be sued for copyright
infringement (of the music, not the codec).
Unless, of course, you live in a country where format shifting is
already legal.

I'm not a lawyer (but I play one on TV. <g>) but from my understanding and the precedence was back in the days of cassette recorders and when vcr's came about, and that is that one has the legal right (at least here in the US) to create a backup for personal use. Now as far as handing them out to friends and relatives, and/or sharing them over the internet, it is illegal.

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