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Re: [opensuse] a user call for attention on SuSE's mp3 support issue
  • From: charles@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2007 10:35:51 -0800
  • Message-id: <200701281835.l0SIZpRE043378@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
M. Fioretti writes:
On Sun, Jan 28, 2007 08:14:06 AM -0800, Charles R. Buchanan
(charles@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
I still stand by my thoughts and the analogy is still the same.
You can "hide" behind the "different license" stand.

Hide my foot. That is _not_ a stand of mine, is the concrete status of
things today. Whether you or I approve it or not is another thing: but
today every author *has* the legal right, within some limits
established by law, to license its license creative works or software
in wildly different ways.

I'm not questioning the rights of creators to get paid for what they do, my big problem is the way this has come about and the fact that I don't see them going after M$ or any of the bigger corporations. Maybe because M$ and those companies have deeper pockets. Maybe I am mis-understanding this whole "open source" thing. <shrug> For some reason(s) I don't see WinAmp or others going away anytime soon though! :-) I might just have to try that other format someone mentioned earlier. Might be easier doing that than getting a simple bootloader installed! :-( Take Care!
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