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Re: [opensuse] Mac OS X and Linux Product inter-compatibility?
  • From: "Andre Truter" <andre.truter@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2007 11:14:04 +0200
  • Message-id: <173f0b9f0701280114jf496475w6bf314c73e1cec8f@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On 1/27/07, M Harris <harrismh777@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
exasperating examples). I purchase platform independent hardware, and I
purchase hardware supported specifically by unix-like systems... HP is an
excellent vendor of Linux and Mac friendly hardware.

This is true for printers, but unfortunately not for scanners.
I have a client that recently switched from WIndows to Linux and he
have a very nice HP scanner, which is unfortunately not supported at
all under Linux.

He even phoned HP in Germany and they told him that no HP scanner is
supported under Linux. (HP might not support scanners, but there are
a number of HP scanners that are supported by the SANE project.
Unfortunately the list is not very long)

We are currently getting him a new Epson scanner as Epson actually
have thier own support for 90% of their current scanners

HP printers are generally very well supported and they even have an
open-source project for their Office-Jet range of multi-functions.
(Why they don't support their scanners is beyond me as the
multi-functions includes a scanner and that works very good).

To get back to the core of the topic:
When I go and buy hardware, I don't try to find stuff that says "Linux
supported" on the box or even on the vendor's site. If I do happen to
notice it on the box, I am surprised.
The CD's that comes in the box normally ends up in the trash or used
as coasters. If they include some documentation, then they might end
up in my CD drawer.

When I need to buy new hardware, I first go the hardware supported
lists for Linux and then get the model numbers of supported hardware
and then go and find that hardware to buy.

For printers, see
For scanners, see
For other hardware, see the Hardware Compatibility List for the distro
you use ( for suse)

In my experience with printers and scanners:
Laser printers : HP
Multi-functions: HP
ink jet printers: Epson
scanners : Epson (Brother also seems to have their own drivers - never
used them though)

For other hardware, google is your friend.

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