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Re: [opensuse] just don't get it: is it SOOO difficult to play mp3? (worked an hour on it)
  • From: Zhang Weiwu <zhangweiwu@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2007 18:10:59 +0800
  • Message-id: <1169806259.25248.37.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
在 2007-01-26五的 09:42 +0000,Russell Jones写道:
> I'm a bit confused by your request, and suggest you read "How To Ask
> Questions The Smart Way"

I knew very well this article and I am very glad that I have read this
article when I first started to use Linux. My first OS is FreeBSD when I
used it for two years without touching graphical user interface and
later switched to Gentoo Linux, later swithed to SuSE. I used to compile
everything myself.

In the begining I hack, and I knew I was supposed to fingure out issues,
not rely on other people or hope every answer is just an URI away. But
later I started to suggest other people use Linux, by 'other people' I
don't mean my college who worked as php programmer 3 years. I mean my
mama, my old friends in college, my friends who run a coffee shop, my
friend who is a college teacher of art etc. Why I want Linux to be used
by normal people? Maybe someone think I am stupid, Linux is by the
hackers, for the hackers, of the hackers, they are not for ordinary
people. Well I won't explain why I want to suggest ordinary people to
use Linux, it's very long topic. But the fact is, as I start to support
ORDNIARY users I found the world changed, in the real world, peopple are
no longer blamed for not being able to use a software and not able to
ask smartly how to use it; people just turn a way if it's not easy to
use. They vote by foot, they vote by paying for Windows. By saying
'people' I don't mean hackers like you and I.

So, I chose the easiest-to-learn Linux distribution: SuSE and ubuntu.
These distrubtions don't expect users to be hackers. For ordinary users,
a solution must be easy, a few clicks away. If the answer to "how can I
play mp3 with any music managing softare on SuSE" is not a few clicks
away, people turns away from it (again, these people are not hackers),
and thus I have to turn away from it too because I already made up my
mine that I want to support 'oridnary people', or 'stupid people' by
common sense. Take Ubuntu as example, I didn't type one single command
to let user start to enjoy Rhythmbox. I just click. So why should I
recommend SuSE over Ubuntu next time to an ORDINARY person?

> The place you should have started is not here, but the default home
> page, . If you search for "mp3", the seventh
> item or so has the text "HOWTO enable MP3 support" which takes you here,
> ultimately:
> You could have done that.
> However, I think you'll find it simpler to just add the VLC repository:
> If you get stuck, follow the guidelines in the first link (to
> they may guide you back here under certain circumstances.

Please just believe me I can follow this guide. You know the context I
ask my question, I wish to know if there is a way for ordinary users to
start enjoy music with a music managing software. I actually am thankful
you bring up this topic of how to ask good questions, because I want
more people pay attention on what I am doing and what people like me
doing: to help spread Linux to non-techies.

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