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Re: [opensuse] [little survey] who's using...
  • From: M Harris <harrismh777@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 09:01:05 -0600
  • Message-id: <200701250901.05564.harrismh777@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Thursday 25 January 2007 02:01, Mihamina Rakotomandimby (R12y) wrote:
> "The poster" is looking for the distribution he will use.
I recommend platform independence. It is always best in my opinion to create
apps that will work well regardless of the desktop environment.

> I heard some good things about fvwm and tried it.
Both KDE and Gnome are becoming bloated. (I'm not complaining) The reason I
at times prefer fvwm (or even twm) is when I need the window manager (and
desktop) to have a small foot-print in memory.... when I have lots of files
open and am in a heavy development/compile cycle. But when I am playing with
the machine, listening to music, doing some word processing, reading the
mail, and posting to this list.... then I want my fully functional KDE.

> I assisted a Novell conference in Paris this summer, and was impressed
> by two or three things in the SLED/SLES, then I try it. What's wrong?

> I knwo use Emacs, but begin to wonder if I could/should not use a more
> modern tool such as KDevelop, as well as I use KDevelop supported
> langages (Python, C, shell script,...)
Use what works best for you. I'm an old vi (vim) guy, I prefer the command
line interface and raw text files... so what? Only you can evaluate the tools
for yourself.

> I also subscribed Xen, mailman, xfce, openoffice, etc... mailing lists.
> Will you say I am wrong?
Only if you are a spamming troll... present company excluded-- no accusation
intended. But if you are serious (and I have my doubts) then taking a look
through the archives first is your best bet.

> English is not my mother tongue langage, resulting in a strange (even
> bad) way of expression. And what? you would get the same noticed if you
> try to write/speak a langage you dont practice.
When I studied the Greek language Greek grammar and spelling were
requirements. Similar requirements applied when I studied Hebrew and Latin.
If you are going to use English on a regular basis, I strongly recommend that
you learn the language well. EASL classes are available the world over. You
clearly know enough English to benefit from such a class. Please do not play
the *English is not my heart language* card and expect to get any sympathy
here because you are not communicating well-- either learn the language, or
do not use it. I only say this because you whined--- no whining! You will
notice on this list that (unless you whine) no one ever gets blasted for
trying to use English as a second language. On the other hand folks get
blasted all the time here for spamming, placing OT on the list, top posting,
generally being a troll, or asking questions (designed to inflame) that have
been discussed ad nauseum.

Have you played around with tcl/tk yet...?

Kind regards,

M Harris <><
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