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RE: [opensuse] Need Router Recommendation
On Tuesday, January 23, 2007 @ 11:07 PM, John Anderson wrote:

>On Tuesday 23 January 2007 17:07, Greg Wallace wrote:
>> >Thanks,
>> >Greg Wallace
>> I've been doing some googling on this and I'm still a bit confused.  When
>> you choose, for example, "Use This Mac Address", if that's not the mac
>> address that the modem picked earlier (from, say, a different router)
>> it be accepted, or wouldn't you still have to re-boot the modem to get it
>> use that new address?  Or am I still not understanding this process?

>First before you worry about this make sure your cable provider actually
>imposes a requirement to use a specific mac address. If they don't,
>and you never remember giving them a mac address before then just
>don't worry about it.

They don't. Someone was telling me it might be helpful to change the
setting in the router related to the Mac address. That had me a bit
confused. I think I now understand the 3 options it gives --

Use Default Mac Address -- Means use the one built into the router
Use Computer Mac Address -- Means user your computer's Mac Address.
Use This Mac Address -- Opens up the Router's Mac address box and lets you
key in anything you want.

I think my modem just grabs the Mac address off of the router when it's
booted and connected to the router, so any of those 3 should work, meaning
just leaving it as the default "Use Default Mac Address" is all I think I
really needed, but maybe I'm still not understanding it correctly. Anyway,
just powering both down and back up again got it working.

>If for some reason you must provide a mac address, turn over your old
>router and read the mac address off the bottom and key it in and select
>use THIS mac address, which means the netgear is to pretend its mac
>address was what you keyed in rather than what is burned in silicon inside.

>Really, this is very seldom necessary, unless you had a static IP or

>John Andersen

Greg W.

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