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Re: [opensuse] Linux will never overtake Windows
  • From: Paul Walsh <Paul.Walsh@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2007 14:58:21 +0000
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Apologies to those who think this ought to go to the OT list. Please feel free to move it there...

I suppose one way of looking at the Win vs Lin situation is this:

Windows is like a factory built sports car: Flashy, full of technology you're hardly ever likely to use. Liable to
introduce you to the BSOD when you try cutting corners.
It's the sort of thing PHBs and "high flying execs" tend to go for.

Linux/Unix on the other hand is more like your kit-built roadster: It may not have the very latest "gadgets" but those
it has have been tried and tested. You know how it works and can forgive it's little faults. When carefully constructed
it's more secure and less likely to blow up in your face.

It's the sort of thing those who seek *safe* excitement might go for :)

Both products do the same things...differently.

I don't honestly see Linux/Unix "overtaking" Windoze in the market place as the latter has too strong a foothold in the
public psyche. When you have companies advertising/selling desktop/laptop systems with Redmond's finest(?)
pre-installed and no mention of the alternatives what chance does Linux/Unix have? Even here in the UK I've noticed a
certain well-known shopping channel only seems to sell systems with XP pre-installed, and their IT orientated programs
have "xx days to Vista launch" at the bottom. What about "xx days to openSUSE 10.3" or "Debian 4?"

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Paul Walsh

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