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Re: [opensuse] Help with spamassassin -- Sandy??
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Sent: Friday, January 12, 2007 3:21 PM
Subject: Re: [opensuse] Help with spamassassin -- Sandy??

david rankin wrote:

I am now trying to incorporate spamassassin into my anti-spam arsenal. I am finding a dearth of information. usr/share/doc/packages/spamassassin is not much help. I have spamd up and running. I am confused by the reference to creating a .procmailrc in my home directory mentioned on the site and need a little help. Do you, or anyone for that matter, have a good link or some quick advise on getting this set up?

I'll keep looking, but if you have a cheat-sheet, I'd be grateful for the help.

Hello David,

I was away from the keyboard for a few days. (^-^)

The easiest way to use spamassassin is through amavisd-new, which can be set up in yast. It should work, though I always set it up manually.
Amavisd-new is a frameworks that calls spamassassin and virus scanners if you would like to use them (I definitely recommend to use a virus scanner if you use postfix as a frontend for windows clients).

You don't need procmail to integrate amavisd-new. If you install amavisd-new from yast, set it to start as a service at boot time, and tell postfix to use amavisd-new as a content filter, you should be able to enjoy spamassassin fairly soon.

Though there are some settings you should adjust to your installation and needs:

- how many simultaneous content_filters are allowed (system resources)
- should viruses/spam be deleted/tagged/quarantined
- What to do about logging



Darn, I didn't catch your reply until after I setup spamassassin to work with procmail. I love it. I set up the LearnAsSpam folder to do the training and setup a cron job to call sa-learn and I'm catching about 65% after a week. Sure is good to have at least that much of the spam put in the spam folder ; - )

I'll check into amavisd-new!


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