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Re: [opensuse] openSUSE 10.1: Unexpected reboot
  • From: Simon Strandman <simon.strandman@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2007 19:29:17 +0100
  • Message-id: <45B5027D.3020202@xxxxxxxxx>
Randall R Schulz skrev:
On Monday 22 January 2007 08:47, Simon Strandman wrote:

I have a server running openSUSE 10.1 with all the latest updates. It
had been running about 50 days since I last updated the kernel until
yesterday when it suddenly rebooted. A friend of mine was logged in
at the moment and got the usual "The system is going down for reboot"
message so it wasn´t like somebody had triped on the power cord or
something. I have really no idea why this happend. I checked with
"last" and the only root logins where from me and not at that time. I
checked /root/.bash_history but no reboot command had been given. I
also looked at /var/log/messages but couldn´t find anything unusual.
So any ideas why this might have happened?

Did the system reboot under software control, shutting everything down as if one of the reboot commands had been issued? Or did it restart, as if the hardware reset button had been pressed?

I had a system that suddenly began doing this one day. It turned out to be a bad USB front-panel connector that was shorting the power lead to ground, which was enough to make the system reset. I finally figured it out when it happend once just as I touched a USB plug that was inserted in that socket.


Randall Schulz
Actually it seems there was a logical explaination after all. I just found out that there was a power outage yesterday. For a moment I thought someone had done something bad to my server. :) Sorry for the noice.

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