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RE: [opensuse] fsck running amok
On Saturday, January 20, 2007 @ 9:51 AM, Carlos Robinson wrote:

>The Friday 2007-01-19 at 21:57 -0600, Greg Wallace wrote:

>> >AFAICT, your BIOS clock was set to localtime
>> Here we go again with the BIOS clock being set to localtime. I've
>> been admonished on this topic and told that the BIOS clock is just set to
>> time, period and that localtime vs UTC only gets involved in the
>> system. Then I hear see these types of notes and, of course, it's
>> confusing.

>And here you go again. X-)

>Yes, the bios clock can be set to local time, or to utc time, or to
>martian time, or whatever. Doesn't matter. The only thing is that the bios
>doesn't know what type of time it is! That's all. You set it to local
>time: fine. You set it to UTC: fine. Martian: fine. But don't try to ask
>the bios which time it has, it knows nothing. It's _you_ who know which
>time it keeps.

>So, _you_ set the bios to martian time, then _you_ tell the system to mind
>that the bios has martian time. Only make sure that it is correct.

>Capishi? :-)

Ok. I see what you're saying, but there seemed to be some implication that
I could resolve my getting a time error message and a full fsck by changing
the BIOS clock to UTC. I still don't understand that. The problem was
resolved by my simply changing the SUSE time to be UTC based instead of
local based (I never adjusted the hardware clock). And I still don't
understand how that was affecting fsck. I mean, if it's using the same
clock from one boot up to the next, why would it think the time found in the
file system was in the future every time? But that change did fix the
problem, so, whatever works as they say.

>> >PS Please learn to quote only the necessary parts of previous messages.
>> >They are much easier to read.

>¡¡¡YES, PLEASE!!!

>¡Remove unneeded text from emails!

>- --
> Carlos E. R.

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