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Re: [opensuse] How to switch from KDE to Gnome: v.10.2
From: "Ron Greene" <rgtech1@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
SUSE 10.2. How can I switch from KDE to Gnome?

Gnome does not appear in the Session options even though it is
installed. A search via Google and on provided nothing
other than theoretically Gnome should be in the Sessions menu. On the
forum I asked if anyone had acutally tried this and though there were
about 400 thread views, no one was able to say that they had it on the
Session menu.

How can it be done?

Hmm.. Ron..

Now you are getting into the voodoo behind the display managers. I don't know why Gnome doesn't appear. I did just the opposite on 10.0. I installed Gnome with gdm as the display manager, then wanted KDE (which was not installed). When I installed KDE, I had no problem selecting a KDE session, even though I was still using gdm as the display manager.

THIS IS JUST A THOUGH!!! I would edit /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager and change the displaymanager to gdm. Now wait! To do this you need to be in runlevel 3 to make sure you don't end up with 2 displaymanagers running simultaneously. So open a console and as root and do "telinit 3", then kill the display manager [ctrl]+alt+backspace. Log into text console (you may need to use [alt]+left arrow to get to a text tty. Then edit /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager and change kdm to gdm and run SuSEconfig. Then "telinit 5" and see if you get Gnome as an option.


And when you are done, please answer the question of why I don't get the little 'user' icons on my kdm display manager. Good luck!

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