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Re: [opensuse] CUPS: remote access settings and broadcasting queues
  • From: Thibaut Cousin <linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2007 08:25:42 +0100
  • Message-id: <200701190825.46576.linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Le vendredi 19 janvier 2007 07:07, John Andersen a écrit :
> Then do so and STFU.

Wow, I don't what STFU means, but I'm afraid to guess. Why are you so
aggressive, all at once? I don't think I was trying to belittle your answer.
I was only explaining I hope I protected my little network enough.
Broadcasting was very useful for me when my server was running OpenSUSE 10.1
(ans 10.0, IIRC), so I was naturally trying to reproduce that setting.
You think it's a mistake because of the risk of external connections, but
that risk doesn't exist here. If there are other dangers, I'm willing to

> Don't come looking for answers and
> jump down the throat of someone trying to help.

If you got the impression that I "jumped down your throast", I apologise. I
certainly didn't intend to do that.
Remember, I was asking for documentation on the "Remot access settings"
option in YaST2, to understand what it did and didn't do, relating to
broadcast among other things.

> I have never encountered the need to turn on broadcasting in
> cups. It solves nothing.

It's a convenience when there is no risk of external connections, that's
Sorry for having tried to explain my point of view, and sorry if I sounded

Thibaut Cousin
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