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RE: [opensuse] fsck running amok
On Thursday, January 18, 2007 @ 5:13 PM, Stan Glascoe wrote:

>On Thursday 18 January 2007 14:10, Greg Wallace wrote:
>> Duh, where is the cmos? As far as local time vs UTF, I understand the
>> difference quite well. It's just that I don't see any option of using it
>> anywhere I have looked (bios and right clicking the clock in SUSE). Is
>> this cmos a setting that is somewhere else to be found?
>> Thanks,
>> Greg Wallace

>This is all FYI.

>BIOS=CMOS=hardware clock.

>Right-click the clock in KDE's systray and choose 'Adjust Date & Time...",
>enter the root password, click the Configure button

That button was grayed out because I "Set date and time automatically" was
not checked, so I checked it.

> and I end up in NTP
"Automatically start NTP daemon" was set to "Never" I changed that to
"During Boot"

>configuration in openSUSE 10.2...?!? Not what I expected. NTP is the way to

>go if you have broadband. Keeps your system on time, all the time. I
>advocate you use in the USA (substitute your 2 letter
>country code elsewhere) because it keeps it geographically local. Choosing
>the 'Use Random Servers from' randomly chooses from around the

>globe. Netiquette of NTP says use a Stratum 2 or 3 server geographically
>close and as little as possible. man ntpd has good intro info for NTP.


>Right-click on KDE's systray clock used to put you into YaST, System, Date
>Time settings. That's where the 'Hardware Clock Set To' offers 2 choices of

>either 'Local Time' or 'UTC'. This is the same screen you see during an
>Install of openSUSE.

You're talking about right-clicking the same clock as above, right? I don't
see 'Hardware Clock Set To' or any options regarding 'Local Time' or 'UTC'.
I have done upgrades to SUSE since 8.1 and don't recall ever seeing that
selection. I assume you only get that choice with a fresh install. Maybe
there's a place in there that I could have changed it but it wasn't
something that popped up automatically.

>I always choose 'Local Time' because I occasionally boot into Windows. If
>system(s) were set to 'UTC', Windows would reliably mess up the
>BIOS=CMOS=hardware clock and then SUSE's time would be off when I rebooted
>to it. I have no idea if this has been resolved.

>This is also mentioned in the side-bar help area of YaST, System, Date &

Ok, now in there there IS an option to select UTC, so I changed it.
However, my time is now shown in UTC. How can I get it to show local time
on my clock when UTC is selected. If that isn't possible, then I'll have to
change it back.

> My system automatically adjusts for DST while set to 'Local Time'. So
>where it says "If the hardware clock is set to UTC, your system can switch
>from standard time to daylight saving time and back automatically." is
>wrong because mine always gets it right even on localtime.


Greg Wallace

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