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Re: [opensuse] CUPS: remote access settings and broadcasting queues
  • From: John Andersen <jsa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2007 23:47:02 -0900
  • Message-id: <200701172347.04065.jsa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Wednesday 17 January 2007 08:49, Thibaut Cousin wrote:
>  In OpenSUSE 10.2, I'm using the new possibility, "Remote access
> settings", which is much easier. It works well, but I need to declare
> and configure the printer on other computers. It looks like the cups
> server doesn't "broadcast" its printing queues, so they can't be
> autodetected.
>    Where I can find documentation on these "Remote access settings",
> please? I'd like to see if I can have clients autodetect the printer
> again.
>    Thanks in advance,

You don't want it to broadcast. You will have all sorts of people
trying to print to your printer.

You want to edit /etc/cups/cupsd.conf to allow access to the
printers section (but not the admin section) from anywhere, or
perhaps a list of subnets you trust.

You can also require authentication, but that probably opens another
can of worms.

Then, you can print to your printer from anywhere, from with linux
machines and windows machines. (Win2k and later understand
ipp protocol.)

I have had several cups printers on different networks accepting remote jobs
from anywhere for over three years now and never had any unknown print show
up. However, I don't necessarily recommend opening them to the world.

I can see several other cups printers on the local internet
because Mac users frequently set their cups up to broadcast. This
is un-necessary and risky. All you have to do is have your users know
how to resolve your server, and open a port (631) in your firewall.

To add a printer to a windows machine you simply give it a url
of http://printservername/printers/printer-name , (or ipp:// works as well).
It will usually find every printer offered by cups by "browsing" to the
cups machine, and you can do this from anywhere in the world
if you open port 631.

John Andersen
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