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Re: [opensuse] network printer--Windows
From: "Doug McGarrett" <dmcgarrett@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hello, all--

Let us assume that I have a Windows machine connected to a Win Printer--
a lowly Lazerjet that Linux doesn't particularly know or love. Let us further
assume that I have figured out how to network a Linux machine with the
Windows machine. Can Linux print to this printer over a network connection,
or does Linux have to have some kind of driver for this printer? I am now
positing that the Windows machine is the server for this printer. Please
advise, since if the answer is affirmative, I will give the printer to my
son, who has been thinking about Linux, but is basically committed to stay
with Windows, and will shortly have two machines to play with, on one of
which he expects to put a Linux distro--probably not SuSE, but anyway. . . .

Yes (short answer)

The way I have been successful is to
(1) first make sure the printer is shared on the windows machine and that whatever username/password pair you want to use to connect to the printer has the right/permission to do it on the windows side;

(2) You have two choices on the linux side, in Yast (a) set your linux box to print to a smb printer or (b) direct tcp printing to the windows box; I have used option (a) with success;

(3) When configuring the printer in Yast, you will (most always for older printers) be able to select the correct printer configuration file (driver) during the process.

Most of the linux to XP printing problems have to do with the windows side, windows firewall or failing to provide a valid user/password to access the windows printer. But it is doable.

Helpful links:

Google is your friend..

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