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Re: [opensuse] DVD Mount problem
  • From: Joseph Loo <jloo@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2007 21:21:42 -0800
  • Message-id: <45AC60E6.1090904@xxxxxxx>
Matthias Titeux wrote:
> Le Dimanche 14 Janvier 2007 16:43, Stevens a écrit :
>> To those who wrote that I could right-click on any icon and rename it to
>> whatever, I say, "No shit, Sherlocks"
>> The comment, and my point, was why in Hell did a linux shop decide to call
>> ANYTHING on a linux desktop "My Computer", al la Windows.
>> As for the perception by some on the list that I (and others) might be
>> newbies because we cannot get our DVDs to work, well, y'all are just
>> missing the point. There is a BUG!!! in Suse 10.2 that keeps removeable
>> optical media from being recognized. If any Suse guru on the list wants to
>> argue the point, then he/she is welcome to engage in a meaningful dialogue
>> to prove that there is no bug, that it is only a figment of our
>> imagination. I would really rather have a working system more so than
>> watching bugzilla.
>> Fred
> Hi,
> I do agree that there might be some bug. I have 2 optical drives :
> -1 DVD player
> -1 DVD recorder
> (running on 10.2 x86_64)
> I don't remember (should check) if every CD or DVD give the same results but :
> If i insert some DVD in the DVD player, they aren't mounted automatically (but
> I can mount it through CLI (as root mount /dev/hda /media/something).
> The same DVD inserted in the DVD recorder is automatically mounted.
> This behaviour did not happen at the begining (right after the install), so it
> might be due to some update.
> Second point, as someone else on the list reported (sorry can't remember), the
> DMA is sometimes turned OFF for the DVD player (not the DVD recorder). I have
> to set in ON using Yast. I don't know if these 2 points are link together.
> I would love if someone could explain what is wrong.
> Cheers
> Matthias
I just tried mounting the SUSE 10.1 version of the dvd. I have no
problem mounting it, but I do have a problem umounting the drive. I did
the following:

1. alter /etc/autofs.misc file
Added the following line
dvd -fstype=auto,ro :/dev/hdc
where /dev/hdc is my dvd drive

2. uncoment /misc file and added the following:
/misc /etc/auto.misc --timeout 60

3. enable autofs.

4. do a ls /misc/dvd
This will display the dvd directory.

If you wait for 60 seconds, the autofs will unmount the /misc/dvd,
provided no program or prompt is accessing the device.


Joseph Loo

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