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[opensuse] Partition Resizing
  • From: Colonel Orange <colonelorange@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2007 21:19:53 +0000
  • Message-id: <200701152120.05656.colonelorange@xxxxxxxxx>
I've been running OpenSuse 10.1 and subsequently 10.2 on a dual boot machine
for some time now quite successfully. I'd like to ditch the Windows
partition(s) altogether given that it hasn't been used for over 6 months and
I can do everything I need to on OpenSuse. Is it possible to simply remove
the Window partitions and reallocate to OpenSuse? Partition info:

/dev/hda Disk 37.2G
/dev/hda1 HPFS/NTFS 35G 18G 18G 50% /windows/C
/dev/hdb Disk 74.5G
/dev/hdb1 HPFS/NTFS 29G 25G 3.5G 88% /windows/D
/dev/hdb2 Extended 33.3G
/dev/hdb6 Linux Native 13G 8.6G 4.2G 68% /
/dev/hdb7 Linux Native 19G 17G 2.3G 89% /home

Ideally I would like to reallocate /dev/hdb1 to /dev/hdb2 then /dev/hdb7

Is this possible to do without loosing my / and /home data and if so which
would be the most suitable tool. The Yast2 partition tool will not for
example allow me to edit /dev/hdb2.
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