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Re: [opensuse] DVD Mount problem
  • From: russbucket <russbucket@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2007 13:03:46 -0800
  • Message-id: <200701151303.47043.russbucket@xxxxxxx>
On Monday January 15 2007 05:28, James Watkins wrote:
> On Sunday 14 January 2007 13:08, russbucket wrote:
> > Does anyone know what creates the mount point in /media. YaST is able to
> > read the dvd drive, hal sees the drive and it looks described correctly.
> I believe the media manager kde service is responsible for this. Check
> that it is enabled by going to Control Centre -> KDE Components -> Service
> Manager and make sure that KDED Media Manager and Media Notifier Daemon are
> both checked. As far as I understand it, these 'services' are actually
> provided by a super-daemon called kded so it might be worth checking that
> it is running with:
Both show as running
> ps aux | grep kded
This is what I get as root.
ps aux | grep kded
1000 4196 0.1 3.6 35608 18660 ? S 11:30 0:07 kded
[kdeinit] --new-startup
1000 7445 0.0 1.1 24504 6076 ? S 12:50 0:00 kio_file
file /tmp/ksocket-finemanruss/klaunchersY5VWa.slave-socket /tmp/ksocket-finemanruss/kdedWDrRNa.slave-socket
root 7508 0.0 0.1 2852 712 pts/1 R+ 12:54 0:00 grep kded

> Having said all this, your services should be ok if your cd drive gets
> auto-mounted correctly.
> As far as icons are concerned, you can add the Media Control applet to
> your panel or have them appear Apple-style on your desktop using the
> Control Centre -> Desktop -> Behaviour, Device Icons tab as previously
> discussed.
This was done
> The only other thing I can think of is that someone may have
> chosen the 'Do Nothing' action and enabled it as the default. To undo
> this, go to Control Centre -> Peripherals -> Storage Media. Select the
> relevant media types in turn (Mounted DVD, Blank DVD, etc.) and check that
> there are no auto-actions associated with them.
Neither show. When I add mounted DVD and unmount they show with red X.
Inserting dvd does nothing. Also shown are create data dvd with k3b and video
dvd with k3b. When I insert dvd never get this menu.
> Sorry if this sounds a bit
> patronising but these things happen sometimes, it took me ages to find out
> how to undo default auto-actions. One last thing I would mention is that I
> found this auto-mount mechanism to be a bit intermittent under 10.1, media
> would quite often fail to mount when the system was under heavy load,
> however, I've found it to be much improved with 10.2.
> Good luck,

> James.
Another thing I found today is if I su to root, mount the dvd
(/dev/hdc /media/dvdrecorder it mounts read only and then I can see the dvd
by using Konquer, going to /media/dvdrecorder. but the icon does not show up
on desktop or under my computer.

Could it be some kind of permissions problem?

Thanks for your input. I do have a bug report open. Bug number 234544
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