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Re: [opensuse] Future of SUSE (at home)
  • From: Stevens <fred00sandy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2007 03:20:35 -0600
  • Message-id: <200701150320.35900.fred00sandy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> No, of course I have nothing against usefriendly tools.
> but if you actually need a bit advanced setup, then you actually ***need
> to know** at least **the basics** !!! your company information or future
> can depend of this, this is a really seriuos problem.
> f.e having a tractor does not mean you are automatically capable of
> growning corn no ? ;)
>> Distro and desktop designers, developers and others in the Linux
>> community need to drop their holier-than-thou attitude and concentrate
>>on the masses who need to escape the clutches of M$.
> Free software isnt really free, it requires at least you to spend some
> of your time to get a least a minimal understanding about how it works.

I cannot agree fully. My 83 year old mother is running Suse 10.2 now,
following Mandrake 9.2 and before that Mandrake 9.0 and I can assure you
that she is as "computer illiterate" as anyone and, as she ages, her
abilities worsen. She is able to email, check her bank accounts, print
pictures and play poker with no problem. These tasks are possible for her
because they are click-click-click, not CLI.

Do not assume that everyone who wants a fully-functioning system running
behind a well-developed GUI is a newbie or too lazy to learn Linux. I have
been a Unix admin since 1987 and have been running Linux versions since
RedHat 5.2. I personally think that if using the CLI is necessary to do a
job then the desktop designers did not do theirs. It is a matter of
convenience at home and productivity at the office.

There needs to be a shift to a new paradigm that builds upon the strength
of Linux and strives to incorporate those users out there who, like my
mom, do not have, nor ever will have, any in-depth computer skills. I know
it can be done. Just look at how KDE and, to an extent, Gnome have
developed as they constantly try to play catch-up to M$.

I do not advocate Linux becoming another Windows but I do advocate having a
complete package that fulfills the promise that Linux offers.

I thought that Suse 10.2 was pretty good until I ran headlong into the
optical media bug. Maybe when that gets fixed it will be a good distro.

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