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Re: [opensuse] Dell E520 and snd_hda_intel
  • From: Robert Lewis <rll@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2007 18:52:06 -0800
  • Message-id: <45AAEC56.7050004@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Marc Wilson wrote:
> I know there was a big thread about this earlier in December, but no one
> since has said anything about it. :)
> Just got my new E520. Core 2 Duo, 965 chipset, and no sound support in
> 10.2 to speak of. It looks like it's deliberate, based on the information
> at ... of course, I'm not even sure
> that the current kernel would support this motherboard audio
> properly.
> Analog audio out and SPDIF. <sigh>
> Well, you can install the current alsa 1.0.14rc1 over the top of the
> 2.6.18-34 kernel and make it give you *all* the options. :)
> Just build ONLY the snd_hda_intel modules, and only use the install-modules
> target to install it. Minimum disruption to the existing kernel install.
> Lots of stuff in the changelog for that version about new PCI ID's for
> Dell machines, and fixes/changes to the Sigmatel support as well.
> I couldn't find anything in the list archives, but did find some stuff for
> other distributions on the 'net. :)
> Anyway, figured I'd make my first post to the list at least vaguely
> constructive....

Thanks for this promising news and your efforts.
I am unclear about a few things and would like to ask a few questions.

Exactly which tar file from the ALSA site did you d/l and compile and
I installed, compiled and installed:

The end result is that I got my output volume working normally but my
remains dead.

> Just build ONLY the snd_hda_intel modules, and only use the install-modules
target to install it.

Could you say a little more about this please? What do you think I have left
to do?
> make it give you *all* the options.

Kmix seems pretty minimal. Alsamix seems to be a bit more full featured
but I haven't been able to make the microphone work although it does when
I boot XP. This is for an HP dv5237d with a Intel Duo Processor and YaST
says it is a 82801G (ICH7 family). Alsamixer says it is a HDA Intel
Conexant CXT5047. Did you have to do anything in YaST Hardware sound
configuration options?

Any further help much appreciated.


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