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Re: [opensuse] Spamassassin - Working - How do I make it smarter?? [solved]
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I now have spamassassin working and it is checking mail (see the header below):

Ah Hah! (The following works like a champ!)
Enable IMAP LearnAsSpam folder
If your final delivery is to an IMAP accessible MTA, you can set up an even easier way to do mistake-based Bayesian learning. Namely, you can create a LearnAsSpam folder. Rather than resending spam for learning, you can just move any false negatives (spam that got delivered to your inbox) to this folder. Then, every hour, those mails are pulled down (and deleted) from your IMAP server and learned as spam. Specifically, many installations of Exchange server support access via IMAP, so this solution is one of the easiest ways to enable end-user Bayesian training by Exchange users.

To do this, we need fetchmail, which we can confirm is installed with (which fetchmail). First, we create a .fetchmailrc pico .fetchmailrc with our IMAP account information. This should look like the following, filling in your own information for the server, username, and password:

poll protocol IMAP:
user myusername with password mypassword
Now make it only readable to you with:

chmod 600 .fetchmailrc
In your mail client, create a top level IMAP folder called LearnAsSpam. Now, to test if the setup works, move some spam into this folder. It's essential that this be real spam or else you'll mistrain your Bayesian learner.

The path to fetchmail /usr/local/bin/fetchmail in the following command should be set to the results of (which fetchmail). From the command line, enter:

/usr/local/bin/fetchmail -a -v -n --folder LearnAsSpam -m '$HOME/bin/sa-learn -D --spam'

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