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Re: [opensuse] Can you say ripoff - OT
  • From: "Digvijoy Chatterjee" <digvijoy.c@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2007 19:33:48 -0500
  • Message-id: <2f7228250701091633l65b4a2c3q9b53598c1be1aa1e@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
As much as I hate M$ , let me share my experiences with my new HP
dv6171cl , laptop
with AMD TL-52 dual core , 2GB Ram , M$ Media Centre. blabla....
I pick it off of the store , i run to my house to shrink the windows
partition and install Opensuse-10.2
1) Normal install breaks in partitioning ......good no worries
2) Safe Install goes through....uses nv for Nvidia GeForce Go 6150
..kernel crashes repeatedly
on trying to install libstdc++41-x86_64 ,
3) Safe Install Suse-10.0 , hoping kernel is stable , now it crashes
more randomly
4) Try and upgrade 10.0 to 10.2 ..install breaks in removal of unused packages
4.1) Install 10.2 in safe mode again...
5) i file bugs in, reply is 'WONTFIX' please
use nvidias proprietary drivers
6) I take another 2 days to get my nvidia driver compiled and running
, by googling for hours to figure out that i gotta boot the kernel
with noapic
7) In these two days , I try Ubuntu Dapper Drake , for all its worth ,
the live CD cannot even start X
talk abt use friendly...ironic
8) I manage to insert nvidia.ko and restart X using sax , i have had
an uptime of 3 days now.
9) My broadcom wireless ( bcm43xx.ko ) doesnot work gotta do some
firmware stuff...etc..

I love Linux and Suse ,and i had no qualms abt struggling for 2
weeks before I am all set , do u expect a newbie to buy a laptop and
break his head like this , or would he rather pay those exorbitant
charges and get a peace of mind and use his laptop....

Is Linux really really ready for "ALL" Desktops ..????


On 1/8/07, Curtis Rey <crey@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Monday 08 January 2007 16:34, Tony Alfrey wrote:
> E. Hoon Shim wrote:
> > Hash: SHA1
> >
> > I'm a firm believe that Microsoft is in a perpetual loop, they raise
> > prices to make up for all of the piracy and/or all the work they put
> > into the product to prevent piracy. The high price makes piracy even
> > more attractive and increases their efforts.
> >
> > Still don't quite understand why more home users haven't made the
> > migration.
> Because home users
> a) work with what they have to deal with at the office, which inevitably
> implements the latest M$ toxicity,
> b) buy computers with M$ installed and
> c) need to communicate with other M$ toxicity and don't understand the
> difference between an application and an operating system.
> My puzzlement is why the home user buys a cheap box, yet pays for the
> hassle and expense of M$ upgrades, yet doesn't buy a Mac up-front, which
> IMHO is a near-perfect unix platform, at least as far as the user
> interface is concerned.
> IMHO if corporate environments can be released from the M$ addiction,
> the problem is solved. We may see the lead being taken in Europe and
> China.

By Job! I think you've hit every nail on the head! Break the M$ market
lock-in and watch it crumble (at least to a fair extent) like the house of
cards it is. There DRM schema will have a large amount of the soon to be
negative outlook on M$ products. They don't seem to learn from others
experiences. The RIAA affiliates tried to implement DRM protections one
fairly large pop-music artist in England. The end-result was (luckily in GB
you can actually return music CD's to the store) that they refused to play on
various cd players (old models with differing chipsets) and PC's in general.
This led to a mass revolt by patrons of said artists and said artist sued and
won release from her contract as a result.

M$' DRM schema is going to have a similar problem. Just wait until people
make a home DVD and give it to Grandma and she can use it, or when a
corporate suit uses his fav spreadsheet program (non-M$) and Powerpoint clone
program to make a presentation for the board room and it refuses to play -
ya! that'll go over really well. The days of the CIO/CTO opting carte
blanche for anything M$ in his/her budget may be getting seriously curtailed.
Not to mention that well over 3/4 of the PC's on corp desktops won't run
Vista (and Dell, HP, etc are hoping this translates to new/large contracts).

Nope - look past the M$ hyperbole and the future is quite far from certain on
the M$ front. And that's just here in the U.S. Europe and the rest of the
world has far less tolerance for M$ BS IMHO.

Cheers, Curtis.

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