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[opensuse] Re: switching Firefox to manual updates check
  • From: Eberhard Roloff <tuxebi@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2007 11:36:29 +0100
  • Message-id: <envr7l$rmf$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Wolfgang Rosenauer wrote:

>Since Firefox updates
> wouldn't work in RPM installs it's deactivated by removing the menu item
> but in some cases it still appears. It's just a cosmetic problem. The
> box should be greyed out anyway since Firefox detects that it has no
> write permissions in the installation directory.
This is not necessarily the case. Basically you can update firefox in rpm
installs, as well. I did this multiple times, actually I did it anytime I
thought the suse supplied updates were late ;-))

What I do:
Start firefox briefly as root:
1. sux -
2 . firefox
3. Enable the "update firefox" box within firefox preferences
3. Have it updated and have the updates written to the install directory
(because you are root, this is not a problem).
Beware: This is one of the rare occasions that you use the Internet as
root!! So it is as dangerous as most windows installations are, but on a
24x7 basis ;-)
4. close firefox
5. Then restart firefox as normal user and have it updated in regard to
extensions and themes.
6. Use your updated version of firefox

>From then on, you are on your own in regards to firefox updates from SUSE ,
but you said, you prefer to do your updates manually.;-))

Up to now, this worked nicely for me. Should you encounter the problem that
you cannot activate firerfox updates, because they are greyed out, it is
always an easy option to remove the suse firefox that came with your OS and
install the latest+greatest from .


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