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[opensuse] "Interesting" SAX2 Issue
  • From: Gordon Keehn <gordonkeehn@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2007 10:00:05 -0500
  • Message-id: <459BC4F5.2050803@xxxxxxxxxxx>
I just installed OpenSuSE 10.2 on an IBM A60 (video adapter unknown; it's at home and I'm at work) that had previously had 10.1 installed. When I originally installed 10.1, after the first boot I got a popup stating that my monitor geometry was unknown, and did I want to configure it (or words to that effect). I clicked "Yes" and SAX2 opened up, letting me select the screen resolution and color density I desired.
I wasn't, therefore, surprised when I got the same popup after installing 10.2. (Installing, not "updating to"; several other things happened on this box in the meantime.) What DID surprise me was that, after setting resolution and screen density in SAX2 and clicking "Test" when prompted, my monitor (an IBM G96 19" CRT) displayed a (brightly colored) flashing screen stating that the display parameters were incorrect (again, or words to that effect). Pressing <Space> several times got me back to SAX2, but anything I did at that point resulted in the same problem. I eventually recovered by booting to Failsafe mode and restoring (i.e. renaming) the original configuration file in /etc/X11. This time when I rebooted and received the monitor geometry popup, I selected "No". The popup closed leaving me with the screen resolution I wanted. I don't know about color density (yet) but it is at least 65536 colors (16 bit).
Now I'm afraid to do anything to probe or modify my display settings. Has anyone else run into this kind of strangeness configuring their display for the first time?
Gordon Keehn

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